Early 1980's in Orange County California...

It was in the early 1980’s when Lu Cortese, a Catholic lay person, launched

St. Ignatius Retreat Association, with the desire to educate lay Catholics on the “Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius.” The organization was set up in Lu’s home, in Orange, California, and operated with just a few volunteers. Eventually, well known Catholic speakers and clergy joined the ministry, and conducted retreats, conferences, and seminars for Catholic parishes throughout the United States and abroad.

Hence, in 1988, St. Joseph Radio was introduced, bringing the truth of the Catholic faith to the airwaves! After moving from her home to a commercial office, Lu collaborated with Mother Angelica and the EWTN Global Catholic Radio Network, producing a one hour weekly program, which aired nationwide on AM & FM shortwave radio stations.

When the time came to “retire,” Lu decided to relocate to St. Louis Missouri, closer to her children and grandchildren. Interestingly enough, Lu’s intentions of retiring were put on hold, and she was redirected to yet another endeavor.

In early 2000, the second location of St. Joseph Radio was established in St. Charles, as well as the addition of St. Joe’s Java, Your Heavenly Blend coffee house. As yet another means of evangelization to the local Catholic community,

St. Joe’s Java offers speaker socials, classes, youth programs, and, of course, delicious coffee/espresso/cappuccino.

Undoubtedly, the good Lord was pleased with St. Joseph Radio’s growth in the Midwest and sent Lu her most recent projects – I.H.S. Productions, which creates and produces evangelization programs and series; and I.H.S. Publishers, which publishes books and periodicals that offer wisdom, encouragement, and foresight for each person’s spiritual journey.

Although we cannot anticipate what will come our way next, we graciously accept our vocation to serve the Lord, and aspire to please Him in our daily work.

St. Joseph Radio, and its affiliates, operate solely by volunteers.

We are blessed to have the time and talents of so many individuals who believe in,

and support, the mission of our ministry: bringing each individual to the knowledge and fullness of the Catholic faith.

St. Joseph Radio is a non-profit, lay apostolate, dedicated to proclaiming the Catholic faith through worldwide radio broadcasting, video programming, and other various means of evangelization. We are of service to the Church - presenting the Catholic standpoint and Church history to an audience largely unaware of the true teachings of the Catholic faith; inspiring many to return to the practice of their faith; and fostering others to embrace Catholicism through conversion.

About St. Joseph Radio

While listening to various Protestant radio programs, Lu felt the great need for radio programs wherein the Catholic faith was adequately explained by hosts and guests who are articulate in the teaching of the Catholic church, and could rectify the confusion among those who do not know what Catholics believe and practice.


St. Joseph Radio is a non-profit, lay apostolate, dedicated to spreading the Catholic faith through worldwide radio broadcasting, video programming, multimedia, print, and other forms of direct evangelization.