St. Joseph Radio is a lay apostolate, and operates solely by the help of it's volunteers. Our volunteers give as much of their time as they are able, and coordinate their hours of service in a way that best suits their own personal life.

There are many reasons why one becomes a volunteer, but the one consistent reason among many of our volunteers is the atmosphere and environment of St. Joseph Radio. A friendly group of fellow Christians working together for a common cause, while obtaining the benefits of continued faith formation (in a less obvious way).

If you would like to become a volunteer at St. Joseph Radio, please email or call 636-447-6000 for more information.  We welcome schools that need service hours filled. 

We have a variety of projects and are always in need of good, dependable people to join our ministry.

Volunteers are not paid -- not because they are worthless, but because they are priceless. 



Make your own hours

Work with other like-minded Christians

High School Student

Service Hours

Learn new, unique skills

College Internships

Work at national and local Catholic conferences, fundraisers, & events

Free coffee, cappuccino, espresso & more!

Any volunteer, age 18 or older, who wishes to work with computer programs, video camera operation, off-site recording equipment, audio editing, and radio/video studio engineering, WE WILL TRAIN YOU!

We have a fantastic group of volunteers who are professional audio, radio, and video engineers, who have, or continue to, work with local network news programs.

Just give us a call to set up a time to come by our St. Charles studios, and we would be happy to show your our facilities and discuss possible areas for you to get involved.

Some People Want It To Happen, Some People Wish It Will Happen,

and Some People Make It Happen!